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michel kroell carrere

our motto: anything goes
together we will find the right solution for your marketing strategy in the relaxed atmosphere of the mkc-lounge. we will launch your product big time or polish up your advertising-image.

in the blue-white-red illuminated house in the "rosenhügelstrasse", located in vienna - austria, everyone does his job until you are absolutely satisfied. call us, we're looking forward to hear from you.

Michel Kroell Carrere

michel kroell carrere
founder & ceo mkc-totalmedia • director • ad-writer • editor
born in paris, speaking five languages and having over 20 years of experience, "mkc" is today one of the most successful "infomercial" specialists for western & eastern europe.

founding the mkc-totalmedia, the austrian-french established everything that constitutes his professional ethos: to be a producer who makes a difference. he supports children with muscular dystrophy and rides a harley.


jarka kroell
country manager cz • producer
jarka is responsible for the finances and controls that all bills and honoraries are always paid right in time.

at home she takes lovingly care of her young daughter, chiara victoria.

valeria greabu

valeria greabu
executive assistant • contacter • pr
valeria is the youngest member of the mkc-family. she is the first contact to our office and clears the way to the boss. she is responsible for the coordination of the appointments, of the teams and of the random external organization of a flawless production process and a just-in-time delivery.

Valeria is a professional tennis player, a snowboard daredevil and an excellent cook. she is also a hair & fashion model and choreographer of runway-shows.


zsolt huber
zsolt is the senior editor and animator of the mkc-family. his brilliant sense for visual "hollywood effects" turns the sale-oriented marketing dramaturgies of the creatives into stunning movies.

zsolt is married and father of a freshly made son.
he loves action movies and sountracks of hans zimmer.